2017-2018 Fall

Exam results have been announced!

You may see your exam papers on 17 November 2017(Friday) between 15:30-16:30  and 20 November 2017(Monday) between 15:40-16:40 at R-202!

Exercise Set 1

Midterm 1

10 November 2017, 18:00

Exam Places : (Up to Surnames)

Amfi 1: Acar-Demir

Amfi 3: Demirci-Kavas

Amfi 4: Kavlak-Şibil

B-323: Tara-Zengin

Exam Content

  • Points: The Distance  and Midpoint Formulas
  • Graphs of Equations in two Variables: Intercepts, Symmetry
  • Lines: Slope of a line, Graphing a Line, Parallel lines, Perpendicular Lines
  • Circles: Standard Form of the Equation of a Circle, Graphing a Circle, 
  • Finding the Intercepts of a Circle

  • Planes: Lines and Planes